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Who are We ?

   The best stories start with a small idea. We are proud to have touched the business life of thousands of people. We continue to learn, produce and share with our dynamic, young and energetic staff on this path that we set out with the principle of providing solutions to our customers by using the latest technologies in communication and the digital world. We are moving forward with you in the radical change created by e-Transformation in our lives. Thanks to our customer satisfaction-centered policies, we carry out safe and sustainable works. Not to lag behind the Information Age requires being able to adapt to the transformation and the change brought about by the transformation. With the importance we attach to R&D studies, we manage our own infrastructure investments and work to benefit the society and ecosystem of which we are a part. Thanks to our e-Transformation portal, mobile application and e-Connect, our desktop application developed by our software team, we provide quality services to Turkey. We are not only staying with e-Transformation, but increasing our services. Our e-Signature, e-Seal and Cloud Backup services are offered to our valued customers.

Cloud Backup
Cepte Sözleşme

Advantages of e-Transformation with Hızlı Bilisim!

Speeds up your operation and increases efficiency
Electronic transactions are faster and less likely to make mistakes than manual transactions. E-Transformation improves business efficiency by enabling businesses to make more and faster decisions.
Advanced data collection and data management
It is ensured that the data is analyzed and optimized to move the company forward. Digital transformation enables the right data to be collected and used at a higher level.
Protects the World
E-transformation helps businesses reduce their environmental impact by reducing paper usage. This contributes to the protection of natural resources and reduction of environmental pollution.
Increased productivity
Accessing data directly and without wasting time, having technical tools and technology working together correctly, streamlines the workflow accurately and quickly, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Increased flexibility and scalability
Transforming companies to operate digitally can also allow organizations to stay agile and be more responsive to innovations and trends in their markets.
Cost and time savings
E-transformation reduces paper, postage and other operating costs. In addition, using electronic transactions instead of paper-based transactions also allows businesses to save employee time.
Income increase
Income can be increased by minimizing costs. In addition, we can see maximizing opportunities through the recognition of flaws in existing business processes as the key to moving a company forward.
Improved customer experience
Carrying out tasks in companies through an automated system also improves customer and staff experiences, as they will see much faster turnaround times when they have problems and requests.

What is E-Signature?

   E-signature allows you to have a digital identity. With the beginning of the digital transformation, the conventional physical methods in the realization of official transactions gave way to documents and operations prepared in electronic environment. E-signature; It is your authentication tool in your transactions organized within this scope. Legally, it has exactly the same features as a wet signature. It provides assurance that the data in the document to which it is attached is completely correct, that the signatory has approved the document, and that the document integrity has not changed.

You can avoid the dangers arising from the imitation of the wet signature.
You can perform many transactions covering public and commercial areas with e-signature.
Thanks to your electronic signature, you can complete your transaction within minutes, minimizing environmental risks.
You can follow an environmentally friendly working policy by reducing the use of paper.

What is E-Seal?

    Electronic Seal is the digital stamp of institutions and organizations in the electronic environment. The e-Seal has the same legal validity as any physical seal, including the official seal. It is an evidence record that guarantees the source and integrity of the electronic document or data, that the electronic document or data was created by the owner of the electronic seal. The electronic seal can be used in all transactions where the financial seal is used.

It can only be used by the authorities notified by the institution, thus preventing any action on behalf of the institution by unauthorized persons.
It ensures the secure identification and verification of the corporate identities of the parties in electronic document sharing.
It makes business processes easy and fast, as it can be installed on smart card readers or HSM devices if necessary.

What is Cloud Backup?

    Protect your critical data. With our automatic backup and data management solution, it keeps your data safe throughout its life, both at home and at work. Also, restore data instantly.

Equipped with a default feature to automatically save an old or deleted file for up to 1 year.
It automatically transfers all the files planned for backup to the Fast Bilisim data center via FTP connection.
Backups are taken from all database connections planned for backup, and they are zipped and automatically transferred to the Fast Bilisim data center via FTP connection.
Take advantage of the manual throttle feature by turning off the 'Auto Throttle' to control the internet bandwidth you want to use for backup, disk imaging and disk cloning.
It allows you to easily browse and download your data through the portal.
It comes with a simplified data restore policy.

What is Cepte Sözleşme?

   Remote authentication service is online video identification and self-KYC service supported by services such as NFC, OCR, Face Recognition, Liveness Check. While you can perform your identity verification yourself, you can also get support from our customer representatives during the process if you need it.

Authentication process with a fast and secure method from your location
Authentication process without the need for printed documents and archiving
Secure and online authentication process with next generation technologies NFC, OCR, Face Recognition, Liveness Check
Time-saving process with fast and remote authentication
Alternative to perform self-service authentication without the need for a second person within the application
Possibility to perform identity verification with a customer representative if needed
The possibility to easily download the Cepte Sözleşme Remote Authentication application from the Play Store and App Store

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